online speech therapy & occupational therapy services


What is teletherapy with Therapy Toolbox?

Teletherapy, also known as telepractice, is a different modality to receive evaluations

and treatment than the traditional, in an office or in the home approach.

Teletherapy allows for a speech and language pathologist or occupational therapist to deliver

evaluations, therapy, or consultations directly to a patient, student, related professional,

or caregiver via technology. The speech and language and audiology governing

organization, ASHA, has endorsed the use of telepractice and teletherapy as a modality

to provide services and insurance companies allow teletherapists to bill for the service if

speech therapy and occupational therapy services are covered in the insurance plan

contract (insurance coverage is plan dependent and telepractice services are covered

just as in office services would be covered; check with your insurance provider to learn if

speech and occupational therapy services are covered in your contract and to learn




Is teletherapy effective?

Research has shown that teletherapy can be just as effective as in person therapy.

Contact us today to learn more about teletherapy & to determine if your child

is a candidate for teletherapy services with one of our clinicians.

Therapy Toolbox is excited to offer our professional services via direct, in person services,

or via teletherapy to meet your families needs. The possibilities with therapy are numerous

including no longer having to cancel therapy due to a sibling being sick, traffic, meetings, appointments,

inclement weather, etc, as a teletherapy session with Therapy Toolbox can be provided at a variety of times

from the convenience of your home. Typical equipment needed is a computer or laptop with a camera

and internet connection and teletherapy is a possibility for therapy with your loved one.